Diversity by Design studio
Pricing                                                                 Fine Art Maternity   and   Pet Photography
Fine Art Maternity Pricing and Pet Photography pricing below

Additional photography shoots are available..........a range of ideas and prices.
I take a creative style to my work and love working with unique ideas and styles.
I am also interested in hearing about different ideas. Looking to push your boundries
I'm always open to new challenges. If you have a special request, I'd love to hear about it.

first chapter: Capture the Moment

Fine Art Maternity Photography
Diversity by Design pregnancy portraits is a unique way to capture the beautiful moment in a women's life.
The unique lines of each pregnant women's body turned into an intimately timeless work of photographic art.

Lick Laughs Love

Pet Photography.......PET-VersityFine Art Maternity Photography
Licks, Lauhs and Love - Remembering those moments they shared with us, in timeless work of photographic art.
PET-Versity (Diversity by Design) pet photography is a unique way to capture a visual memory of those four legged friends.
Or beaked, critters, hopping, slithering, (swimming?) friends.

Please Call or email for pricing.
Pricing will be based on what you are looking for, and a combination of shared ideas........Let's make art together

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